Why aren’t cigarettes illegal? 
I understand that we all have the freedom to do what we want and choose what enters our bodies; however, people go to court for putting others in harms way, so why aren’t people going to court for smoking? I understand that the government makes a lot of people from this, but I don’t want to hear about that. People who smoke harm the people around them and the environment. How come they don’t get fined or receive consequences for this. I just want a clear and legitimate answer as to why it’s not illegal. At least how come parents don’t get fined for smoking when they are harming their kids. It affects everyone when one person smokes, let alone millions of people. 

I’m being serious, so if you want to respond, please be serious as well. I just want to know if someone takes this to court, if there is a possibility of getting something out of it. Can they make a law in which if you are a parent you will get fined for smoking near your kids? 


2 thoughts on “Cigarettes 

  1. I am curious….are you equally as upset with the big business corps who continually pollute our air? Or use chemicals on our food? Or, put junk in it? Seems to me, it’s just easier to pick on the poor smoker, who can’t fight back as well, and in my opinion? Contributes far less to the problem with the air quality than the aforementioned companies want you to realize. Do you intend to take them to court as well? And yes, I smoked for a lot of years before I was finally able to quit. I think they are nasty too. But my dad smoked around my mom and us kids and none of us have ANY health problems whatsoever…. I personally believe corporations are simply displacing the blame where it does not particularly lie. I have also worked in nursing homes and seen people with COPD and Emphysema who never smoked a day in their lives and were never around it. Something doesn’t add up. Just my opinion…:-)

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    1. I am upset with everything else, they are contaminating food and polluting the world, but it was just a topic I had in mind. There are studies and people who have been affected, even animals, due to second hand smoke. Thank you for your comment though, I’m glad I was able to hear someone else’s input. I’m just curious on other people’s thoughts.

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