“Bad Words”

Why are there “bad words”? 
If you search up “fuck”, “bitch, or “shit” there are multiple definitions, but they each contain that it is of annoyance, anger, complaint, etc. so why is it a bad word? Isn’t it just another synonym? When someone says “I hate you” vs “I fucking hate you” or “fuck you” why is it that you get in trouble for just adding that word? Shouldn’t the intent behind it be what matters? It’s just another way of expressing yourself. When you write an essay or are in school, normally you use synonyms in order to clearly express and portray what you’re saying, so why get in trouble for expressing yourself. I think they can say they are poor or uneducated words, but why is there such a thing as “bad words”? I do not curse for those of you who are wondering, not because they are bad words, but because I am respecting the fact that others get offended by these words. We are the ones who add the meaning behind them, the words mean nothing. 


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